Solar Planning

Marine Solar Panel Planning and Installation Guide, helpful information for planning your marine solar system. Updated! with a wiring guide - when should you use 10 gauge or 12 gauge solar cable?

Estimating Daily Power Output from Solar Panels, understanding the different types of solar cells and how your choice will effect the potential power being put into your battery.

Choosing a Solar Controller - MPPT vs PWM- do you want a maintenance charge, or do you want maximum power?


Solara Power M Semi Flexible Solar Panels and Solara Ultra Glass Solar Panels both made with SunPower® solar cells

Solbian Flexible Solar Panels with 2021 price list, featuring panels with SunPower® solar cells

Solara EZ Mount, we can add a light-weight frame to a Solara PowerM panel for mounting options

Victron Blue & Smart Solar Controller Datasheet all the specifications you need to choose the correct model

Genasun MPPT Boost Solar Controller Specifications

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