When looking for solar panels for your boat, bear in mind that most panels manufactured today are designed for land-based installations on buildings that do not move, shake, rattle or roll, nor do they reside in the harsh marine environment that is the everyday life of your yacht.

Coastal Climate Control offers marine grade solar panels, manufactured to withstand the rigors of the marine environment without compromising on solar power capabilities or the challenges of installations in very limited areas. Some are made using genuine, high-grade SunPower® cells.

Solara, German manufactured solar panels, lightweight and semi-flexible, these thin panels are perfect for your hardtop or deck, and can withstand the rigors of foot traffic, plus the harsh conditions of the sea's environment. Also available in two sizes of glass panels, using genuine high-grade SunPower® cells.

Solbian, Italian manufactured solar panels, very thin and lightweight are designed to be sewn onto the canvas of your bimini or dodger. Light weight, durable, very flexible and long lasting. Offering three varieties of panels with three different solar cells - the SP series with SunPower® cells; the SR series with super rugged 'Merlin" cells; and the SXp series using "full square" cells. Also available are the All-in-One solar panels using SunPower cells and an integrated MPPT controller.

Solarland, American designed and controlled, these solar panels are quality built, rugged, and meet all touch industry standards. Tempered glass with heavy-duty anodized frames, they are intended for off-grid applications like your boat, RV, van, or camping expeditions. Also available in two mobile unit sizes.

Panasonic, American made, are glass panels using the proprietary HIT cells. Want a 330 watt panel on your dingy davits? This is the best deal for maximum amps.