Coastal Climate Control  is proud to offer the best, highest efficiency, highest quality solar energy panels for your boat, RV, truck, motor home, or off-grid cabin with our Solbian and Solara panels.

These panels can be installed without the added cost of an expensive, heavy support structure that can often spoil the beautiful lines of your boat, vehicle, or home. See here our Marine Solar Planning and Installation Guide.

Top Quality Panels • Marine Grade • High Efficiency

Solar panels that are flexible, lightweight, and only 1/16th" thin. They can easily install on any canvas area (bimini, dodger, etc.) with either zippers, velcro, or grommets attached right to the panel. Simple to install on an existing canvas cover.

Alternativsolbian-solar-panel-flexely, hang these panels from your life lines or install a simple rail mount system for a light weight solar solution that you can easily angle to get the most energy potential.

These high efficiency panels are made using SunPower® monocrystalline solar cells - industry recognized as the very best solar cells available, with a 22.5% efficiency rating. Solbian also offers flexible panels using standard monocrystalline cells with 17.5% efficiency rating, resulting in considerable cost savings.

Also available are panels with an integrated MPPT controller in sizes from 23 to 104 watts. See the All In One panels here.

Download: Solbian Specifications and pricing

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Solar panels that are semi flexible, rugged walk-on panels allowing you to install solar panels on your deck or cabin top without the concern of losing valuable deck space and walk ways for necessary foot traffic.

If you Solara-50w-115w-Morgan45-289x180already have dingy davits, these durable panels can be easily installed without worry of too much weight being added up high.

Solara also offers marine grade aluminum-framed glass panels and semi-flexible panels made with SunPower® cells for maxim power potential on the limited real estate of your boat or vehicle.

Download: Solara Specifications: Power M flexible panels and Ultra Glass panels

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SLP120 12UThe SLP solar panel series are designed for off-grid applications like your boat, rv, or remote cabin. They are built of quality components and meet all industry standards. We offier sizes from 20 watts to 160 watts.

These are traditional glass panels, with outstanding low-light performance, heavy-duty anodized frames, and high transparent low-iron, tempered glass. The rugged design can withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load.

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Watt Wizard

Watt Wizard

Want to know what your panels (or wind generator, or hydro generator) are doing at any given time without having to install an expensive monitoring system?

The answer is the Watt Wizard - it easily gives you all you need to know - volts, amps, and amp hours, all for a low price and easy installation. See Watt Wizard Brochure

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Simple solutions for your every need.

Solar Controllers & Accessories

Victron and Genasun MPPT solar controllers provide a great solution for your solar panel needs, but also ensure you extract the maximum potential from the available sunlight.

These small controllers allow you to economically use one controller for each panel, ensuring that should one panel lose some potential due to shadow or shading the other panels will still be giving out their maximum capability.

We also offer the standard PWM solar controllers by Solara. These are a good solution when all you need is a trickel charge to keep your battery topped up, to be ready for your weekend cruising.