Solbian solar panels are just 1/16” thin, and are flexible and light enough to install directly in to canvas areas such as biminis and dodgers.

Great choice for installations on RVs and motor coaches giving high output without added weight or bulk. Simply glue, tape, secure to a roof or cabin top. Installing a twin wall polycarbonate rigid panel under solar panel provides the right amount of ventilation for cooling when installing on a hard surface or protection when installing over the stainless steel bar of your frame. However, if you want to walk across these panels (yes, you can if they are installed on a hard, flat surface), then do not use the polycarbonate panel.

Canvas shops and sail lofts can sew zippers or Velcro directly on to Solbian panels without any special equipment, and that makes them quick and easy to remove for weather events, security, storage, etc.

Thanks to Solbian, there’s now no need to invest in heavy, bulky, and expensive stainless steel support structures, necessary for glass panels which can easily weight 30 lbs each.

Solbian offers three series of panels, made from three different types of solar cells:

SP panels feature SunPower Maxeon semi-flex cells with 24% efficiency, the industry leader, resulting in more power from a smaller footprint.

SR panels, "Super Rugged", feature cells made using the new Merlin technology, a monocrystalline cell with a 19% efficiency rating.

SR+ panels 24% Panasonic HIT Semi-flex, MTAT grid, best in class output during high tempertures

SP All-in-One panels and the SR All-in-One panels integrate an MPPT controller right on the panel to make installation even easier - just plug and play!

See full 2021 Solbian Specification and Price List here