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Refrigeration Planning

Frigoboat Price Lists:

Frigoboat Price Matrix
Find your box size, choose correct evaporator, select heat-exchange method, see complete system price

Frigoboat Stainless Steel Cabinet Price List
Find pricing for the cabinets. Price for your choice of compressor/condenser additional

Frigoboat All Stainless Steel Cabinets:

Frigoboat Stainless Steel Cabinet and Drawer Units
Standard sizes of cabinets and double-drawer refrigerator or freezer units

Frigoboat compressor/condenser dimensional drawings:

Click on a link below for dimensional drawings of the four different Frigoboat compressors.
Capri 35-50, K35-50, Paris 35, W35-50, Keel Cooler, long shaft 

Planning a Frigoboat Ice Box Conversion System: Understanding the different components:

Aluminum Evaporators vs Holding Plates on Small 12V/24V Compressors
Learn the simple difference between the old technology of holding plates versus the current technology using evaporator plates.

Which Condensing Unit Should I Use?
How does one choose between air-cooled, pumped-water cooled, or keel cooled?

Which Keel Cooler Should I Use
How to choose between mounting methods; whether you need zincs or not; Save money with the Bare Bones model.

Which Evaporator Should I Use?
The right sized evaporator for the job is an important choice.

Which Thermostat Should I Use?
Mechanical or Digital thermostat choices.

Additional Info on Frigoboat Systems:

Compressor Speed Control Q and A
Danfoss/Secop BD35 and BD50 compressors are multiple speed. Learn how Frigoboat enhances this feature to save on energy consumption.

Consumption Guide For Frigoboat 12/24V Keel Cooler System
How much power does a Frigoboat keel cooler really need?

Merlin II mini smart speed control
Protect your electronics, save energy, diagnostic tool for compressor fault situations

Keel Cooler Schematic
Drawing showing how a Keel Cooled system can be laid out in your boat.

Keel Cooler Layout Diagram
Technical look at the layout of a Keel Cooler system.

Vitrifrigo cabinet solutions:

Vitrifrigo Stainless Steel Drawer Units
Very popluar, much in demand, double and single drawer units.

Vitrifrigo Full Size Refrigerators
Drop in replacement for Tundra T80, several Norcold DE models, Nova Kool RFU8000, Isotherm CR190, and more.

Vitrifrigo Under Counter Refrigerator/Freezers
When you want an under the counter, slip-in solution for your refrigeration/freezing needs.

Vitrifrigo Small Refrigerators
Do you have that ideal cubby hole for the perfect refrigeration solution?

Vitrifrigo Small Freezers
Or perhaps that ideal cubby hole is better suited for a freezing solution?

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Office | Warehouse:
Coastal Climate Control
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Phone: (301) 352-5738

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