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Climma Compact 4,200 btu Manual

Vega MK3 Instruction and Operation Manual

FX1 Manual

FX-2 Manual Part 1 of 2

FX-2 Manual Part 2 of 2

EasyTouch Manual (for FX-1 or FX-2), Part 1, pgs 1-24

EasyTouch Manual (for FX-1 or FX-2), Part 2, pgs 25-53

Vega II Manual

Wiring Diagrams:

Vega MK3 Electric Box Connections

Vega MK3 Board Wiring V2011

Setting up Two units on One Vega MK3 Control

Vega II Diagram

Pump Instructions:

Calpeda Pump Shaft Seal Replacement Instructions