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Grilles & Grille Kits

Grilles & Grille Kits

Give your boat the at-home look with real-wood grilles. Available in teak, however many other woods are available, including cherry and maple, with a special order and minimal price difference.

Kits are available using either wood grilles or plastic grilles.

Return-air grilles have easy-to-clean, replaceable filters. Supply-air grilles have double-deflection, moveable louvers which can be removed for easy cleaning. Transition Boxes (plenums) are needed for supply air grilles.

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Ducting grille kit, one outlet
Complete ducting kit for one supply outlet. Suitable for a 4200 btu unit. Kit includes 8 feet of 4"..
Ducting grille kit, two outlets
Complete ducting kit for two supply outlets. Suitable for a 4200 btu unit. Kit includes 16 feet of..
Round Damper Vent - 4"
4" round plastic supply grille with transition for 4" ducitng hose. Available in black, white, br..
Supply Grille, Wedge
Teak wedge four-way supply grille. Other wood types, including painted-to-match, can be special ord..
Supply Grille, Wood
Teak framed four-way supply grilles. Other wood types, included painted-to-match, can be speci..
Supply Grille, Wood w/damper
Teak framed two-way supply grilles with closable front louvres. Other wood types, included painted-..
Supply Grille, Plastic
5" square adjustable plastic supply grille and transition box with 4" hose ring attached on back. ..
Return Air Grille, Wood
Teak framed return air grille. Filter included. Comes with a satin varnish finish. Custom gloss v..
Return Air Grille, plastic frame
Plastic return air grille with mounting frame and filter. Available with black or white frame. ..
Aluminum Filter Material - 20x32
Aluminum replacement filter material. 20"x 32". Black or unpainted. Can be easily cut to fit. ..
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