Sonya's Rowing Odyssey to Begin

sonya-baumstein-solo-pacific-row-2015In just a few days, Sonya Baumstein’s attempt to be the first female to solo row 6,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean, west to east begins. Despite multiple attempts by other rowers, this feat has only been accomplished twice before in 1991 and 2005 by two French men.

Imagine four to six months of rowing a 23-foot boat across a vast ocean with only passing fish or fowl for company, a satellite phone to connect with shore crew, GPS tracking to let the world know where she is, and freeze dried food for comfort. Plus the prospect of losing more than 40 pounds she purposely gained to aid her body in this grueling quest that anticipates using 10,000 calories a day. This is not your average boat ride.

Final preparations are underway right now in Japan for this heroic event. Read a recent interview here Follow Sonya on facebook

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about Solara solar panels:

"Greetings from Tahiti. The solar panels are fabulous. They give us so much power"
   - John W., Lagoon 440 on passage from BVI to Australia, with 6x 120w Solara PowerM panels and Genasun GV-10 solar controllers

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Firefly AGM Battery Testimonial - Nigel Calder

Firefly G31 AGM battery
We now offer Firefly Oasis Group 31 battery with award-winning Firefly Microcell™ Technology with Carbon Foam plates to ensure longer battery life in deep discharge PSOC applications.

Nigel Calder tested this battery in real-world conditions. Here is what he thinks:

"In preliminary testing I worked the Firefly batteries hard in a real-world (onboard, while cruising off the west coast of Scotland) partial state of charge operation. The goal was to minimize engine run times and optimize electrical system performance in an 'off-the-grid' situation with limited recharging opportunities. The kind of operating regime I followed spells death for most lead-acid batteries. In contrast, after two months of intensive cycling, the Firefly batteries tested out with 100% of the capacity with which they started. These are encouraging results which, if substantiated over longer periods of time, represent a 'game changer' in terms of lead-acid technology and boat electrical systems design. I look forward to collecting more data."

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