Systems Monitoring

The Coastal DC Watt Wizard monitor is an economical yet complete solution to monitor the volts, amps, and watts that are coming in and going out of your equipment.

Energy Sources can be solar panels, wind generator, hydro generator, etc
Energy Loadsinclude DC refrigeration, lighting, instruments, etc

Now there is a low cost but efficient way to know what is going on with your Energy onboard your boat, RV, motor home, or off-grid location.

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Battery Monitoring and Whole Boat Systems Monitoring

Philippi Electrical Systems GMBH, of Remseck, Germany, is the producer of high quality marine power supply, distribution, and monitoring systems and components. All manufactured parts are developed in-house and are designed and built to withstand the harsh marine environment for many years.

On this site we feature just two products from the extensive Philippi catalog; the BCM Battery Monitor for high accuracy battery state monitoring, and the PSM Systems Monitor for battery, tank, and energy monitoring, plus battery and small load switching.

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The Philippi BCM features a 16 bit processor in the Shunt to enable digital data to be sent to the display rather than the more typical analog signal that is susceptible to interference and corruption. This results in very high accuracy and reliability, essential qualities when monitoring high-end AGM and Lithium Ion batteries.

The Philippi PSM offers every boat owner the option that super yachts have enjoyed for years - systems monitoring and switching from a single location.

The PSM is a networked system that allows monitoring of all the DC loads and charging sources, status of battery levels, tank level monitoring, and whole vessel switching capabilities from simple touch pads that can be located in multiple locations.

This system is just right for the boat owner who wants to manage their systems and know what is going on at any given moment.

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