SPS-M215B BlueBatteryA customer recently purchased four Meridian SPS215B AGM batteries from us for his yacht's house bank. He asked these basic, good questions:

How low can the voltage drop before starting to recharge?

Answer: Recharging when the battery gets no lower than 50% State of Charge (SOC) will result in a reasonable cycle life. For the Meridian battery, this is around 12.2 volts. Recharging at a lower SOC is possible, but will shorten the cycle life of the battery.

How fast can the battery be charged - how many amp/hours is the charger allowed to charge without damage to the batteries?

Answer: Meridian batteries can be charged to 14.8 volts and with unlimited amps.

To run the generator as little as possible, how does one get a fast charge without causing damage?

Answer: Use a charger with a high charging current output and one where the charging parameters are fully adjustable. Make sure there is no automatic time-out for the transition from the Acceptance Stage to the Float Stage.

 We welcome inquires, please contact us if you have further questions about charging your Meridian-Northstar batteries.

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