Solara 50w 115w Morgan45 409x254

You and your boat are ready to join the solar revolution. Even a small solar panel can trickle charge your battery to keep it topped up. It is known that a battery kept fully charged has a longer life than a battery left semi-charged for an extended period.

  • Do you always plug in at your dock or marina? Why pay for the electricity when the sun is right there, begging to be used, free of charge!
  • Have the kids on board with cellular devices that need charging? A solar panel can help prevent them taking your battery down too far.
  • Banish corrosion issues and excessive zinc loss caused by faulty dock wiring or from neighboring boats.
  • Unplug from shore power while you’re away and keep the batteries topped up with a small solar panel.

Easy to install, whether permanently or simply thrown in a convenient spot on deck. Run a wire to a solar controller mounted near your batteries and then to your batteries. That's it. Even easier is the Solbian SP23 watt panel which comes with an embedded MPPT controller. Stick a plug on the end of the cable and solar power is now plug-and-play.

We have small panels on sale this month: Semi Flexible Solara 23watt and 25watt and a Flexible Solbian 40watt . Want something bigger? We have that too, check those out here.

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