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A marine air conditioning system provides you with luxury and comfort in port, on the go, and even while anchored out - really!

Coastal Climate Control offers you help planning your system, for example - Running your 115v system from your battery bank.

Manuals for many of our A/C products can be found in the Installation section.

Climma offers a dependable Compact 4200 Btu unit, in Reverse Cycle or Cool Only modes, for that smaller space onboard your boat, whatever its size:

- sleeping areas
- cuddy cabins
- crew quarters
- even the helm station for that blast of cool air in your face!

MarinAire, a US company, is what a quality marine air conditioner should look and perform like. Standard features include:

- Five sizes: from 6000 to 16000btu
- Quiet, three speed blower, no annoying hum one hears in variable speed units running at low speed
- High efficiency Toshiba compressor
- Very low start-up and running current - means that Honda 2000i generator can start this 16,000btu system
- Wireless remote
- WiFi adapter available

ducting and grillesGrilles and Ducting Parts - Want to spruce up the appearance of your cabins with solid teak air conditioning grilles or replace ducting parts? We've got you covered with our extensive in-house inventory from Marine Systems, Inc.

We can also get any wood (cherry, walnut, etc.) or custom painted grilles to match your decor, in any size you may need. Just Contact us for a quote.

FX-1-easytouchUse the FX-1 or FX-2 digital air conditioning controller to empower your air-conditioning units to move past cooling system limitations with its easy to install and advanced protective features.

Now available with either the Standard Display or the EasyTouch touch screen display (pictured). Both offer exceptional features to allow you to relax on-board and enjoy the cool comfort.

Want WiFi connectivity? Great! Get it with the FX-2 EasyTouch display with WiFi

Download the general FX-1 installation manual here to see how easy it is. Further propriatory wiring instructions are provided when the FX-1 is purchased.

EasyStart364 UL 1024x1024

A great addition to our product line is the EasyStart compressor soft-start device.

It comes with adaptive software to learn the best starting characteristics of your air conditioning compressor, enabling it
Now you can have A/C using a smaller generator or an inverter. What could be easier!

Check this out: Climma Inverter DC50 and DC65 variable speed chiller with DC inverter technology. Do you have a bigger yacht that could use a central inverter with Fan Coils in key places around your boat? Much less ducting needed, just a supply of water to each Fan Coil. Easy Peasy!

Life on board becomes better when the cool comfort of air conditioning has easy controls and beautiful delivery. Shop here today.

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Office | Warehouse:
Coastal Climate Control
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Phone: (301) 352-5738

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