Philippi PSM

Philippi PSM

The PSM Systems Touch Screen Monitor from Philippi monitors, controls and manages the electrical installation on your boat or RV, plus it can monitor tank levels and provide remote switching.

Using a CAN based digital network, communication between the various components is primarily by M12 cable, and is a simple "plug-and-play" installation.

Monitoring is available for up to 16 batteries, 16 tanks, and multiple DC energy loads or sources. Remotely operated Battery Switches can be controlled from the Display or from separate push buttons, and small load switching is available for lights, navigation, entertainment systems, etc.

Multiple Displays can be connected to a PSM system, and the 2.8" x 2.1" high-color, touch-activated screen has attractive and easy-to-identify graphics and commands. Operation is simple, logical, and intuitive, with all set-up procedures being performed on the screen with no computer connection necessary.

A PSM system can be as basic as one Display and one Shunt, and adding components is a simple matter of connecting them in to the network daisy-chain and letting the PSM logic sort out the rest. Software upgrades are made possible via a Micro SD Card reader in the PSM Display.

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