23.7" x 21.5" x .6" great choice for a little more than trickle charge using the best and most efficient silicon solar cells - SunPower

The perfect solution!

The SP47 All-in-One with backing panel provides an easy way to charge your battery. The MPPT Solar controller is integrated with the panel under a waterproof cover, simply connect direct to your battery or battery bank.

Solbian has combined high-grade SunPower monocrystalline cells with their flexible light weight panel contruction technique to give you a simple way to charge your battery.


     Comes with a MPPT solar controller installed on the panel under a rugged, waterproof cover
     All electronics necessary packed under red waterproof cover, less than 3/4" thin
    → Manufactured using SunPower monocrystalline solar cells with up to 22.5% efficiency
     Connect directly to your battery
    → Panel is encapsulated in high strenth polymers for flexibiltiy and long life
    → Estimated yield is 12-14 amp/hours/day, with good sun
    → Can be tethered or secured on a deck or frame using installed grommets

Specially designed and warrantied for the rugged marine environment.

These high qualtiy panels are manufactured in Italy.

 Warranty: 5 years product, 5 years performance

 47 watts  Peak Power at STC*
 13.8 volts  Peak Power Volts
 2 amps  Peak Power Amps
 12-14amp/hrs  Est. Daily Yield (summer)**
 22.5%  Cell Efficiency*
23.7"  Length
 21.5"  Width
 0.10"  Thickness
 2.0 lb  Weight

* STC = Standard Test Conditions - 1,000 w/m sq  25C  AM1.5
** Estimated average daily watt/hour yield on a good solar day in Summer using MPPT controller.

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Solbian SP 47watt solar panel All-in-One-backing-panel

  • Brand: Solbian
  • Product Code: SP47AIO-BP
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $564.00

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