41 watt thin, walk-on, semi-flexible, high-grade solar panels. Solara is an Industry leader, what others are looking at when they want the best!

Solara’s Standard M series solar panels are specially designed for use on boats, yachts, buoys, and life rafts where a tough, semi-flexible panel is needed that will work great in rough environments.

These panels are also ideal for motor homes, RVs, or electric cars as well as parking machines, light towers, or measurement equipment due to theirstrong, robust, but light weight construction - no glass.

TheSolara Standard M Series use polycrystalline solar cellsfor maximum electricity yields. Get high output even under diffuse light and in the winter months. Each solar module is individually tested for reliable function and long life.

    • Shatter-proof – no glass
    • Heat dissipation - Aluminum Di-Bond composite plate embedded under the solar cells

    • Semi flexible (max 3%) enabling installations on gently curved surfaces
    • Slip resistant top makes walking on them safe
    • Maximum daily output due to 36-43 high efficiency solar cells, depending on panel choice
    • Nowoflon film, a Teflon-like protective coating on front and back, almost self-cleaning
    • Water-proof protective embedding with 5mm overlap to ensure a reliable seal
    • Small, robust, waterproof cable outlet from junction box
    • Low profile junction box screwed on and potted to protect the electric connections
    • Easy installation with screws through mounting holes, glue, or VHB tape

Panels manufactured in Germany to very high standards.


41 watts

Peak Power at STC*

22.9 volts

Peak Power Volts

1.81 amps

Peak Power Amps

170 watt/hrs

Est. Daily Yield (summer)**







4.8 lb



Cells – Number


Controller – MPPT


Controller – PWM


Solara Part Number

* STC = Standard Test Conditions - 1,000 w/m sq 25C AM1.5
** Estimated average daily watt/hour yield on a good solar day in Summer using MPPT controller.


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Solara 41 watt StandardM semi-flexible solar panel

  • Brand: Solara
  • Product Code: S170P43
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  • $549.00

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