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Genasun MPPT GV10PB 12v solar controller

Genasun MPPT GV10PB 12v solar controller
Genasun MPPT GV10PB 12v solar controller Genasun MPPT GV10PB 12v solar controller
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The truth is, every controller uses power to create power. But at Genasun, they use it wisely. While a typical PWM controller burns 9mA, most Genasun MPPT Controllers burn less than a scant 0.9mA. That's 10 times less! This slow burn is ideal for waiting out a snow-coverd panel or a fe bad weeks of clouds, giving you power when you need it most.

Cyclic heating stresses electronics, ultimately leading to system failure. While ost companies use large heat sinks or fans to get rid of heat, Genasun designed more efficient controllers that simply create less.

Most solar charge controllers are plagued by electromagnetic interference (EMI), wasting energy, interfering with nearby electronics, and broadcasting your location to potential adversaries. But Genasun is in the business of making power, not noise. That's why all Genasun controllers are designed to generate clean, unfiltered power, and are optimized to precision sensors and electronics.

Genasun's 4-stage battery charging algorithm ensures the optimal charge cycle for your batteries, maximizing battery life and capacity no matter the chemical makeup. 

Genasun's GV10-PB solar controller, is for 12v battery systems and solar panels with an output of less than 140 watts.

For Lead Acid batteries, including AGM.

Max panel power 140 watts
Max battery (output) current 10.5 amps
Nominal battery voltage 12 volts
Max panel voltage 34 volts
Dimensions 5.5"x2.6"x1.4"
 Marine Grade  Yes
 Warranty  5 years

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