Complete refrigeration or freezer kit for a well insulated ice box

Designed for either a 7-15 cubic foot all refrigerator box or a 4-8 cubic foot all freezer box

Capri 50 air-cooled compressor comes with a Merlin II mini smart speed control circuit board which will automagically run the multiple speed Danfoss/Secop BD50 compressor at the proper rpm, fast when you need the box temp brought down quickly and slow when all that is needed is to maintain the box temperature. Save energy while keeping your food safe.

The 200F Evaporator plate measures 42" x 10.5" and can be easily bent into an "L" or "U" shape to fit against the walls of your ice box. 5/8" offsets are included which allow for convection current around both sides of the plate.

There is about 9 feet of tubing on the evaporator plate to connect to the compressor/condensor. If more length is needed, pre-charged extentions are available (3', 6', and 9' lengths). 

A Coastal Digital MKII Thermostat gives you complete control of your box, no guessing what the temperature is. This thermostat ensures an accurate and reliable temperature is maintained. An LED thermometer reading lets you know exactly what your box temperature is at any time.

Kit includes the following:

  • - Capri 50 air-cooled compressor/condenser
  • - Merlin II automatic smart speed control circuit board
  • - 200F bendable flat evaporator plate
  • - Coastal Digital Thermostat/Thermometer
  • - Manual

All components come pre-charged for easy plug-and-play installation and virtually little maintenance. 

Ducting kit is available with your color choice of 4" plastic grille (black, brown, white, off-white) if you want to direct cooler air to the condenser (if the compressor/condenser is located in an enclosed space or the engine room).

A simple upgrade is the Guardian which combines the Coastal digital thermostat/thermometer with a manual compressor speed control knob. Now you can have both manual and automatic compressor speed control.

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Frigoboat Air-Cooled Kit for 7-15 cu.ft Fridge OR 4-8 cu.ft. Freezer

  • Brand: Frigoboat
  • Product Code: FR200FC50MD
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $1,727.00

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