Philippi offers the very best in battery voltage balancing with their BLA Battery Charge Equalizer.

The BLA is recommended to equalize voltages when charging batteries that are connected in series. The BLA always works when a voltage difference occures between the 12v battery blocks. It works during charging and discharging.

Differences in cell chemistry and temperature occur in batteries connected in series due to unbalanced voltage. The charger cannot eliminiate the differences in voltages between the batteries.

This means that one battery is overloaded and the other is insufficiently charged. Subsequent charging cycles reinforce this effect and can lead to premature breakdown of the batteries.

The bi-directional BLA works in a way to balance the load in both directions, regardless of the condition of the batteries. If the voltage difference between both batteries reach 10mV, the BLA switches on step by step. The BLA gets its power from both batteries and remains connected all the time.

The BLA can balance one 24v battery group; for higher voltages extra BLA are connected in series. This means that for a 36v battery system 2 BLAs must be used; for a 48v system 3 units are necessary


Nominal voltage: 24v (2x12v)
Equalizing current: 0.5A
Stand-by: <3 mA
Dimensions: 2.75"x 2.75"x 1" (70x70x27 mm)


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BLA Battery Charge Equalizer

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