With the increasing power needs on boats today, more and more battery power is required in less space.

Firefly Group 31 batteryFirefly Oasis Group 31 AGM with PSOC
Deep discharge marine batteries are the wave of the future with PSOC techonology(Partical State of Charge) for the boat owner who may not be able to completely top up the batteries each time, but doesn't want to lessen battery' life.

Blue Family 640x436Meridian AGM Batteries with PSOC
Marine batteries from Stationary Power Systems and NorthStar provide more power in less space.For the boating lifestyle, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology is the battery solution with no water levels to maintain, multiple installation options, deep cycle capabilities, and long battery life.

Get all the features and benefits you need to be powered to the max while saving space and reducing charging time.

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